USB4 40G Travel Dock


| 產品內容

This USB4 Travel Dock carries with multiple protocols- USB4, USB3, DP1.4a & HDMI2.1 to well perform on various computed hosts, and also provide 40Gbps ultimate bandwidth supporting up to two 4K or one 8K display.
This USB4 Travel Dock with display port combines the capability of five single-function adapters into a portable docking station for your laptop. You get the convenience of a USB-C to USB-A adapter, USB-C to Ethernet adapter, USB-C to HDMI adapter, USB-C to Display port adapter, and USB-C to USB-C adapter. It’s an all in one portable solution.
And, with support 65W USB power delivery pass-through, you can power both the adapter and charge your laptop at the same time.

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General Specification

    • 1 x USB4 Type-C
      • Support 65W (TBD) USB power delivery pass through.
    • DP 1.4a ++
    • HDMI 2.1
    • USB-A
    • USB-C
      • USB-C USB3.2 Gen2:10Gb/s bandwidth maximum([email protected])
      • Support USB power delivery input.
    • RJ45
      • Support 10M/100M/1000MB speedy Ethernet

Storage and Operation temperature

    • Storage Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -20~70°C ambient.
    • Operation Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard 0~35°C ambient.