LINTES USB-C 10G Docking Station & Wireless Charger


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This is an USB Type-C 10G Docking & Wireless Charger, this docking enables you to extend your Multi-Function DisplayPort (MFDP) Type-C host to be multiple ports like video / USB / Ethernet / audio ports which can be connected to displays, USB devices, Ethernet source, headset, etc, offering an integrated solution for high quality office working and home entertainment. Wireless Charger can support 2 devices charging at the same time. Besides, a 150W power adapter is provided to support the functioning of this product and meanwhile charge for the host.

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General Specification

    • Length: 1.0-meter
    • Connector: USB-C connector.
    • Color: Black

Electrical Specification

    • Transmission data rate:
      • 2-lane USB 3.2 Gen2 full duplex high speed transmission. 2-lane DP1.4 HBR3

Storage and Operation temperature

    • Storage Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -20~70°C ambient.
    • Operation Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard 0~35°C ambient.