10G SFP+ Active Optical Cable


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LINTES is devoted to providing reliable and outstanding active optical cables (AOC) company.

LINTES10G SFP+ AOC is a high-speed solution with cost-effective design which can extend to 100m.

It is compatible with 10G Ethernet(10GbE), Fiber Channel 1G,2G,4G,8G (1/2/4/8GFC), 1x InfiniBand SDR, DDR, QDR applications.

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    • Cost Effective 10G SFP+SR solution
    • 1 Channel up to 10.3125Gbps/lane
    • Fiber link up to 100 meters
    • Hot-Pluggable Interface
    • Low latency, low weight, and low power consumption
    • Compliant with SFF-8431,8432,8472, Fiber channel Physical Interface
    • EMI performance match FCC class B
    • RX_LOS and TX_DISABLE supported
    • BER better than 10-12
    • Storage, Network, Server, NIC    
    • Low power AOC solution