Lintes TBT3 to TBT2 Baby adaptor


USD $109

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  • Single Direction :

Thunderbolt 3 Host to Thunderbolt Gen 1 Device.

Thunderbolt 3 Host to Thunderbolt Gen 2 Device.

  • Display

         Thunderbolt mDP support Thunderbolt Gen1 display.

         Thunderbolt mDP support Thunderbolt Gen2 display.

  • Data

         Thunderbolt mDP support Thunderbolt Gen1 device.

         Thunderbolt mDP support Thunderbolt Gen2 device.

  • Operating Voltages: VBUS: 5V
  • Power Consumption: Under 2 Walt.
  • Current Delivery Capacity: 3A (max.) @ VBUS = 5V.
  • Transmission data rate: Up to Thunderbolt Gen2.
  • Color: Classic Silver White/ Elegant Rose Gold/ Elite Golden Brown/ Shiny Champagne Gold/ Steady Iron Gray


  • Thunderbolt USB-C to Thunderbolt mDP adapter required for legacy devices.
  • Supports Thunderbolt devices only : It will not support native DP displays